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Our Team

We strongly believe in inclusion, equality, integrity and sustainability.

Maria Wintz at Triple Palace

Maria Wintz

Head and heart of Triple Palace

What do you do at Triple Palace?

  • concept development

  • copywriting

  • editing

  • colour grading

  • motion graphics

How do you drink your coffee?

I don't. Nor tea or any other hot drinks. No cold coffee or tea either. 

Books vs. podcast?

Podcasts for walking, books for sitting and lying. 

If you could play a role in an existing film, which film would that be? 
The Budapest Hotel

What sparks your imagination? 
Enjoying other works of any kind of art and observing people. 


Damian Sochacki


What do you do for Triple Palace?

  • producing

  • filming

  • editing

Pineapple on pizza?


Denise Knaus


What do you do for Triple Palace?

  • art direction

  • graphic design

  • brand identity development

Breakfast, lunch or dinner? 
Weekend breakfast with fresh rolls, boiled eggs, French toast, bacon and friends.

We are also proud of our great network with other talented artists and technicians,  producer, cinematographer,

photographer, graphic designer, animator, motion grapher, editor, colour grader and many more. 

If you want to be part of the network or just say hello, feel free to send us a mail to
We always love to meet other creatives!

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