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We genuinely love what we do and are excited to tell you about it!

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Conception & Copywriting

Developing a concept is a very exciting and thrilling process for us and can only lead to great results by working as a team, listening to and reflecting each others input.

This gives us the opportunity to share a single concept that meets the client's ideas and goals, if there is a tight deadline. If there is time to explore however, it is one of our greatest joys and strengths to develop different ideas from the same input.


Thanks to our great experience in editing, with the help of the right writing style, a conscious choice of words and clever sentence structure, we compose a rhythm of speech that clearly conveys information and at the same time transports and addresses emotions - both in German and English. 


Bringing an idea to life through text and concept is the base of our work.



Editing is – according to Stanley Kubrick – the reason for film production: „[…] everything that precedes editing is merely a way of producing film to edit.“

As we very much love editing, we might be biased, but we fully agree with Mr. Kubrick.

Editing does not only bring us joy, but amazes us again and again, which increases our level of passion for the craft continuously.


We mainly edit with the latest Premiere software. If needed we are also able to work with Avid or DaVinci Resolve. All our suites are capable of off-line and on-line editing.

Watch our edits

Colour Grading

The atmosphere and emotions a scene conveys is largely created by colour grading. It has the power to change the message of an image. Grading is a complex and subtle craft and is, in combination with colour correction, an essential and – if you ask us – magical step in the postproduction process.


The power of grading and our technical know how helps us to craft arresting and beautiful images in our grading suite, which is equipped with Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve and calibrated monitors. 

Take a look at our gradings

Editieren eines Films
Digitaler Animator

Motion Graphics

Producing motion graphics is a wonderful tool to deliver complex content in a simple, effective and comprehensible way – from abstract explanations to complicated storylines. Triple Palace is focused on 2D motion graphics and animations. Thanks to our great network we are however also able to implement your 3D project. Our expertise includes logo animation, explainer videos and openers.

Our main software for creating motion graphics is After Effects. In addition to that we also work with Animate and Character Animator.

Check out our motion graphics

Graphic Design

Connecting with others in a lasting and effective way is one of the most important goals for brands. Communicative graphic designs and a solid brand identity are the basis for making and leaving a good impression.


At Triple Palace we offer full BI development, from logo design and icon creation to video templates and social media presentation. We concentrate on your message and style, your target group and location to give you a strong BI that brings your brand forward.

Explore our graphic designs

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